Permanent Jewelry 

Now Offering Permanent Jewelry


1. Choice a Chain      2. Choose a Charm        3.Get Fitted       4.Get Dazzled

  • Charms are available to add onto your permanent jewelry
  • Anyone under 18 is required to have a parent/guardian present
  • All permanent jewelry sales are final
  • $20 deposit required
  • Host a permanent jewelry pop up

Jewelry After Care



What Is Permanent Jewelry?

The fastest growing trend, permanent jewelry is a dainty personalized custom fit bracelet, necklace, anklet, or ring. Sized to the perfect fit and welded together instead of closed with a clasp creating a seamless permanent piece. The ultimate symbol of friendship, love, commitment, and more! No more worries of losing your jewelry, frustration with a clasp, or taking it on and off. Created for long term wear its "permanent" because it has no clasp but can easily be removed with scissors. (Reweld is $15) 

What Is The Process Like?

The welding process is pain free. 



What Chain Options Do You Have?

At the moment we offer 14k solid gold, 14k gold filled, and sterling silver chain options. We provide good quality chains in order to ensure long lasting wear and hypoallergenic. Our 14k solid gold chains cost a little more then gold filled, sterling silver, but will last a lifetime. No risk of tarnishing or discoloring. The others are not bad but since they are permanent you can not remove for proper care which will greatly shorten their lifespan!

What Are The Benefits Of Permanent Jewelry?


What Is A Deposit?

A deposit ensures commitment for both parties. We ask for $20 at the time of booking which will go towards the final price. (ex: you pay $20 deposit the jewelry you choose is $80, you will pay $60 the after your weld). Your deposit is 100% refundable if you cancel 24 hours in advanced.

What If It Breaks Or I Want To Cut It Off?

 Notify us as soon as the breakage happens and how it happened. We have a 30 satisfaction guaranteed. If the item is removed or breaks within the 30 days wen will reattach free of charge. After that a small fee of $15 is required for rewelds anything beyond that may require an additional fee.

What If I Need To Reschedule?

If you need to reschedule your appointment you may do so and transfer your deposit at any point up to 24 hours in advanced. Unfortunately, if you don't reschedule 24 hours prior to your appointment your deposit is non-refundable. Failure to appear for your appointment and without giving any notice, your deposit will also become non-refundable

What If I Do Not See The Appointment Time I Need?

If you do not see the time you are looking for, it is either not available or within the available hours. Please feel free to reach out to see if we can work out an appointment time. We also offer a $15 travel fee that can also be selected outside of available hours.

Do You Host Private Events?

Yes, plan your next in store event or at home parties with us today! Bachelorettes, birthdays, bridal showers, pop-ups you name it!


Do You Offer Group Discounts?

Yes! Grab your Gals, groups of 6 or more receive 10% off. Please email us or book your appointment today so we can accommodate you!


Will There Will An Issue At The Airport?

Nope. Not at all, our fine jewelry chains do not need to be taken off during airport security. Your permanent jewelry can travel with you world wide!

What Is The Age Limit?

We are happy to dazzle anyone the age of 14 and up. Any minors who are getting permanent jewelry need to be accompanied by an adult.

Can I Gift A Piece Of Permanent Jewelry?

Of course, we would love to be apart of someone's special day. We offer gift cards that can used towards any service.


Knowing The Difference 

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I do offer rings but as of right now you can only book as an add on service, sorry for the inconvenice.